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Post Operation – What to Expect After Polyp Surgery

Surgery is recommended by doctors in order to remove nasal polyp growths  and their associated symptoms of nasal congestion, infection and blockage. During the course of the surgery, the surgeon will be operating on the sinus area to increase the room available to allow successful nasal drainage.

This describes what the patient may experience after the surgery.

Cerebral Fluid Leakage
In severe cases, brain leakage may give rise to inflammatory brain condition called meningitis. This is a severe condition which if not dealt with promptly can result in death. Meningitis symptoms include throbbing headache, a stiff neck and a severe fever. Should the patient experience any of these symptoms after their nasal polyps surgery then he or she should seek emergency medical attention.

Vision Damage
Vision disturbance is a slight possibility as a result of nasal polyp removal. As the procedure is performed in close proximity to the optic nerve, it is possible that after the nasal polyp surgery the patient may experience double vision, vision loss or blurred vision. Usually these vision alterations are temporary (lasting only a week or so) but in extreme cases they may permanent.

Tooth Numbness
Typically this is an issue that resolves itself quickly, however it’s certainly worth being aware of. On occasion, the patient’s upper teeth may feel numb after they have undergone a nasal polyp operation. This is typically a result of nerve damage caused by the surgery.

Its an unfortunate reality that infection may result from any surgery for nasal polyps. However, these symptoms are usually not severe and resolve themselves quickly.  Should they require further medical attention; a course of antibiotics will usually successfully treat the infection. These symptoms include ( but not limited to .. ) sinus congestion, unease or discomfort and sinus pressure headaches.

Post Polyp Surgery Bleeding
As any surgery on the nasal cavity presents a degree of risk and disturbance, bleeding is to be expected. Although a small amount of bleeding is normal and to be expected after surgery, should patients experience excessive bleeding it is advisable to see a medical professional. In rare cases, it is necessary to undergo additional surgery to resolve the problem.