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Nasonex ( Mometasone Furoate ) is a prescription drug used for the treatment of nasal polyps and general nasal/sinus irritation. Nasonex has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (2005) and as a result of thorough clinical trials and various degrees of post marketing research , it is generally thought to be safe and effective. Nevertheless, like many prescription drugs , there are known to be some side effects.

Nasal Inflammation Treatment

Nasonex is effective at alleviating sinus inflammation a result of allergies and polyps. It  has been proven to be highly effective in reducing nasal polyp growths , with most patients reporting relief from symptoms within as little as 11 hours, with the maximum benefit being seen in as little as two weeks.

Nasonex Side Effects

Like may prescription drugs , its an unfortunate reality that Nasonex usage comes with a number of side effects , with headaches being the most common side effect reported. Other side effects reported include viral infections and throat inflammation and blood tinged mucus, possibly as a result of the previous conditions. Some patients have also noticed musculoskeltetal pains as a result of taking Nasonex. According to the label for Nasonex some of the side effects include sinus burning, breathing difficulties and impaired test and smell.