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Homeopathic Nasal Polyps Remedies

Homeopathic treatments are diluted remedies meaning they are generally free of the side effects of conventional medicine. Unfortunately, it is not always clear what kind of response that they might produce in one person over another. Usually, most homeopathic remedies take about an hour to work. Should the patient see no change in their condition within an hour, it is advisable to try another remedy. When you do happen upon a remedy that proves effective, take a new dose at the first sign that your symptoms return .When the condition has cleared up, the patient can then stop taking the remedy.

Usually, homeopathic remedies are taken sublingually. This means that the patient dissolves the remedy underneath his or her tongue. If the patient is taking homeopathic drops, then 5 -10 drops placed on his /her tongue, then allowed to absorb before swallowing.

It is a good idea to consult with a homeopathy practitioner to help you find the best remedy for your sinus issues related to deviated septum. She can help you to reduce the amount of trial and error and to get the most satisfactory results.

A consultation with a homeopathic practitioner will greatly help to find the best nasal polyp remedy. Without his help, you may undergo unnecessary trial and error that can be otherwise avoided with a simple consultation.

Frequently people turn to homeopathy after traditional forms of medical treatment have failed, and often they find they achieve greater success with homeopathic methods. With specific regards to nasal polyps treatment, the difference between homeopathic treatment and mainstream medical treatments like endoscopic surgery and steroidal sprays is that homeopathic modalities attempt to get to the root cause of the problem by attacking the underlying cause; ie chronic inflammation. There are various homeopathic remedies that are effective in the treatment of nasal polyps. These include Sanguinaria, Teucrium, Calcarea Carb and Sinfrontal.

  • Sanguinaria is known to be effective as a natural remedy for polyps that develop from headcolds.
  • Teucrium is one of the best natural remedies for polyps that develop near the back of the throat region.
  • Calcarea Carb has been known to be effective in reducing nasal polyps that are of a larger size.
  • Sinfrontal is a complex homeopathic medicine that has been known to reduce chronic sinus inflammation and nasal polyps. It is freely available in health stores and it doesn’t have to be manufactured by a homeopath.

Other popular homepopathic remedies include marum verum teucrium, silicea and kali bichromium. All three remedies operate under the principle of reducing sinus congestion caused by the presence of nasal polyps.