“How a Bunch of Bullying Pot-Bellied BeerBoys Made Me Fix My Polyps Problem ….Once And For All”

Hey there,

My name is Michael.

I’ve always loved soccer.

Watching it, reading about it, writing about it, talking trash about it….and of course playing it. Its been my passion since I was a wee boy.

And boy… how I loved to play.

But alas, about a year ago, my passion for the game was starting to fade.

Y’see ….running around the pitch just seemed to be getting and harder.

I was always second to every ball, and the more I played..the more I seemed to come off second best. My fitness sucked …..and I knew why.

It had been four years since my last nasal polyps removal surgery. I knew the risk was always there that they would come back, but it was something that I’d pretty much forgotten about the last few years. I’d just been getting on with my life, and enjoying the freedom that being able to breathe properly without the problems congestion brings.

But as I attempted to sprint around the pitch with only a fraction of the oxygen reaching my lungs, I knew the problem was getting worse …and that they were growing back.

Being honest, I suspected they were returning for a while. My bear-like snoring was driving my poor wife to distraction and sleep was starting to suffer as a result.

Every morning when I woke up my head was so darn clogged it felt that demons had invaded my skull overnight and poured cement into my poor head.

Maybe it was wife’s way of getting her revenge for denying her a decent nights sleep??

Nah…if she was going to do me damage , she would have smothered me instead.

“Cement in the head” just wasn’t her style..

But make no mistake about it, those polyps were on their way back. The warning signs were all too clear to see.

“Ah well”, I thought solemnly, “It’s been a good four years. Let’s just get it over with and get them out…”

But then, in an instant, the horrific memories of the surgery came flooding back. The bloodcurdling pain of the packing removal, the seering agony of the post surgery sinus headaches, the Nightmare on Elm Street style nasal bloodletting.

Were the polyps that bad? I really couldn’t stomach going through that torture again in a hurry.

So I forgot about the problem. And the problem, seemed to forget about me..

My fitness improved and I was running around the pitch like a new-born chicken. I was back to my old self ….or so I thought…

But then a few weeks later, one morning I woke up feeling like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. My mouth was as dry as the Sahara desert and my head was pounding from the congestion. I ran to the medicine cabinet and sprayed enough Nasonex up my nose to quench a large bushfire.

They say that sometimes you gotta reach rock bottom to really come to grips with a situation, and I was no exception.

My performances on the pitch had certainly been a mixed bag around that time, and they were about to get a whole lot worse…

My ‘rock bottom’ was being bossed about in a soccer game by a beer bellied bunch of guys old enough to be my dad. I’d known my fitness recently had been poor but now it was really laid bare for the world to see.

To any casual observer, it was ME it was smoking 80 cigarettes a day and chowing down on pizzas and beer every night, not my aging opponents.

That evening, I was humiliated.

I was so unfit that one of my opponents, an 80 pound overweight layabout outran me to a ball that should have been easily mine, and then proceeded to cackle violently as he took the possession to score an easy goal.

As the game wore on, I was made a fool of, time and time again. Never had I been so relieved for a game to end. It was torture.

As I trundled off to the showers I had to endure my opposing tormenters belly laughter, brutally mocking my ‘performance’, cruelly blowing smoke in face as the sucked on the post-match cigarettes.

That was that. My polyps needed to be fixed, once and for all.

When a bunch of old fat guys start blowing smoke in your face, LITERALLY in my case, you know you gotta take action.

So begrudgingly, I trundled back to my doctor to make another appointment to see my Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. A quick examination of my nose later confirmed that the polyps had returned ..and the appointment was set for surgery, round 2.

But as I drove home from the doctor’s surgery, something just didn’t feel right.

Whether it was the $15,000 price tag of the surgery or the 2 week long agonising recovery I wasn’t sure, but my gut screamed at me that this was a BAD idea…

On a logical level, something kept making this ‘disease’ rear its ugly head, even after its removal.

Why was it happening to me ..and not Bob Jones down the street?

Why not my pot bellied tormenters?

What was causing it to re-appear?

From there on in, I began my research. I searching high and low for information on what caused Nasal Polys, what were the conditions that allowed them to grow, why did they grow in certain people..and most importantly of all, what could be done to stop them.

And everywhere I looked, the same name kept cropping up …Mr. Manuel Richards..

I had always been sceptical of any treatment that appeared outside of the mainstream medical world, but when I read about what Mr.Richards had to say about Nasal Polyps, something naturally made sense to me.

Y’see, the issue with mainstream medical treatments is that they NEVER get to the root of a problem. They prescribe endless amounts of pills that make you feel better, but never really cure anything. If you want to keep the pain away, you gotta keep coming back for more.

And then there’s surgery.

Turns out that in most cases while it provides some measure of relief, for the most part surgery is an absolute waste of time. It always comes back. Then, there’s the excruciating pain that I’d have to go through.

So unless you’re Michael Jackson and seem to like the experience, getting your nose cut open (for any reason), just didn’t make any sense to me.

And when the pain subsides, there’s the pain of the massive bill you gotta settle afterwards.

I had asked these questions of the specialists before ..but none of them seemed to have the first clue.

Manuel.Richards however takes a different approach.

Instead of managing the problem of polyps or cutting them out and hoping they never return, Richards asks a better question…

“Why do they keep occurring in the first place ?”

The Underlying Causes – The Failure of Modern Medicine

Although there are many reasons why nasal polyps appear in the first place, ultimately it comes down to one problem, chronic inflammation in the nasal lining. This causes fluid to accumulate in the cells, and eventually these cells are pulled down by gravity..causing the growth of nasal polyps.

If you want to cure your nasal polyps permanently, you have to remove all the factors that are irritating and inflaming your nasal passages and making sure that you keep your body in an anti-inflammatory state.

Manuel Richards has written a comprehensive very easy to follow 45 page guide that explains in exact detail how to cure yourself of the horrible problem of nasal polyps safely and permanently, without the need for drugs and surgery. Its a system that worked for me and thousands of other nasal polyps sufferers around the globe..

In the guide you’ll learn…

  • How to rid yourself of the scourge of Nasal Polyps in as little as 4 days using Manuel Richard’s revolutionary holistic system..
  • What foods NOT to eat to stop the growth of nasal polyps..
  • How to turn your nasal cavity into a hostile environment for nasal polyps.
  • How an ancient breathing exercise practised for just a few quick and easy minutes every day will shrink your polyps into oblivion and keep them from your door.
  • A unique combination of safe natural extracts that can eliminate recurrent nasal infections
  • How to transform your body into a polyps no–go zone.
  • The essential minerals and vitamins you need to consume that wage war on nasal polyps.
  • The brutal truth about nasal polyps that your doctor doesn’t want you to know and why surgery can NEVER truly heal your body of nasal polyps.

…and much more..